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Bleed clutch master and slave using vacuum

On the first track day with the Z06, the clutch pedal stuck to the floor and had to be pulled up. This only became worse with time, and the clutch pedal would get stuck as soon as I tried shifting at high RPMs. I tried the "ranger method" numerous times, but it didn't help. Gearshifts were also harsh, so I though that the synchronizers were bad as well. 

I was about to start pulling down the exhaust etc to access the bleed screw, and purchase a Tick Master Cylinder, but then I found this thread: Clutch bleeding from the mc

I figured I should give it a try:

I filled the reservoir with new fluid and used a fitting delivered with the MityVac. As you can see, a lot of air pockets and old fluid was released!

While at it, I also performed the following:

  • Removed clutch pedal assist springs
  • Refilled with high temp brake fluid (Castrol React Performance DOT 4)
  • Added heat insulation to the clutch line, which is passing right below the exhaust manifold (I released the line from the clamp on the gearbox, which allowed it to be moved further away from the hot manifold).
  • Removed the clutch inspection plastic covers and drilled holes, to allow cold air to enter the bellhouse cavity.