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Adding a 16 row engine oil cooler

During the previous trackday at V√•lerbanen in July 2020, the car was running too hot, and I had to limit the RPMs to keep the temperature down. With the engine oil temperature exceeding 140 °C, I decided that this had to be solved before the next track day to reduce the possibility of an engine failure.

The stock temperature sensor is M12x1.5 while the oil cooler block is 1/8 NPT. I decided to drill and tap the correct M12x1.5 thread, which worked out nicely. I thoroughly cleaned out debris using brake cleaner and compressed air. 
Oil cooler brackets being made
Finished brackets (I wish a drill press for Christmas, working free hand doesn't quite provide the accuracy and finish I wan)t.
New oil cooler block installed. 

The part of the hoses passing by the exhaust manifold are protected by additional heat insulation. This block has no thermostat, as I simply cover the oil cooler with a sheet metal plate when not doing track days. 

Oil cooler installed. I decided it had to be installed in front of the radiators to maximize the efficiency. Notice that I haven't used any 90 degree fittings, as they can cause flow restrictions. It might be that the hoses are bent too tight, so I'm considering adding full flow 90 degree fittings later.