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Upgrade from 16 row to 30 row oil cooler

Engine oil temperature, the never ending story part #3

The 16 row oil cooler did help to lower the oil temperature, but not enough. I was advised that the absolute minimum was 25 rows, so I sourced a new G-Plus 30 row oiler. 

90 degree AN-fittings can cause flow restrictions, so I chose to bend the hoses when mounting the 16 row cooler. With the larger oil cooler, this was no longer possible as the bends would get too tight. To my luck, AN10 90 deg fittings still have a large cross section  so the engine oil pressure didn't drop.

I have to admit that I'm using a "Made in China" 30 row oil cooler. The G-PLUS brand do feature a stacked setup, but it might be that a quality oil cooler from Setrab or Mocal will perform much better.