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End of 2022 season

Winter is coming. 

The C5Z is in hibernation until spring time as I don't have a heated garage, and working on the car in freezing temperatures is not an option. At least I can start to make a plan for the next season.
The car in front is an MB R350 with a stretched cam chain, lots of work to get that fixed on an OM642 engine.

Drivetrain maintenance

I returned from the last trackday with a groaning noise from the rear end of the C5Z, which is probably a differential failure. I'm hoping for a simple fix like broken belleville springs, draining the oil will give a telltale. There are already other issues that requires attention, so I guess the time has come to have it all sorted.

  • Engine rear oil seal leaks
  • Worn slave cylinder ("clutch pedal stuck to the floor")
  • Clutch and flywheel replacement
  • Torque tube couplings and bearings